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About us


Sky Smart interiors is the leading interior designers and execution specialists in Chennai.

With more than a decade experience in the field of residential/commercial interiors, renovations and civil contracts, Sky smart provides rich, unique and space saving designs and executes the same into glorious projects. You can count on Sky Smart Interiors to help you with highly customized and personalized interior designs that may not be possible for amateurs to execute in reality.

Sky Smart Interiors constantly strives hard 24/7, to bring in the best to Chennai city and make it trendier at the same time in pocket friendly budgets.

Designing in softwares is just one aspect of the interiors. Executing it to the “T ” is not so easy unless one has clarity in what they are doing.  Perfection comes with experience. Sky Smart Interiors proudly presents team of well experienced staff who excel in their craftsmanship.

Sky Smart Interiors employs cream of the interior crew and has partnered with best vendors in Chennai. Hope to meet more and more clients in our office and be a part of your dream home/office imaginations being fulfilled.

Choose Sky Smart Interiors For:

We dare to explain the nuts and bolts of every execution that we take up in your house. Yes! that is our strength. Clients are kept updated about every significant progress in the project. Our clients have always felt free to walk in and check the progress. We have always managed very well to deliver what we promise. Our experience is our strength when we execute projects. We work along with clients design ideas and help them realize their dreams come true. When we implement any change in the protocols, we keep the clients updated and  all our clients appreciate us for the transparent transactions that we do with them.

Okay ! this is not a tall claim we make. Yes. Our honest pricing has always helped us scale up our business. Sky smart Interiors are here to stay and  would like to execute 1000s of  projects to make beautiful inner spaces. Sky Smart interiors charges are unbeatable in the industry. We are sure about it. Hence we are able to provide the best quality. All our vendors that we partner with are almost our family due to the best business relationship  that we maintain with them.

Sky Smart Interiors has a staunch motto that

“A satisfied customer is always the most powerful advertisement”.  We believe in gaining a loyal customer rather than a sale.

A company that can work on customer satisfaction need not worry about its growth. So we try our level best to work on this aspect rather than making tall claims in the advertisements.

Freedom is realizing that we have a choice. Sky smart believes in giving choices to the clients as many as they want. Sky smart would be your interiors design guide. We believe in facilitating the clients while choosing their designs and colors by explaining whether is it implementable in the given circumstances and environment.

At the end of the day, it’s not just some Pinterest picture that decides our home designs. It is the lighting solutions, ventilation in the house and space arrangements everything contributes to the making of an elegant home decor.

Creativity without a purpose is just a nice idea that cannot be put to work. So a design that is creative has to be highly functional in order to make it alive and kicking.

We offer best prices for each quality material. Quality material combined with impeccable execution makes sky smart interiors a unique interior design company.

A stitch in time saves nine. Proper blend of time , perfect communications and responsible executions make us professional enough to handle Interiors business in the best possible way. Our yardstick for betterment is from within. We strive hard to become better every day and every work is a new learning experience for us.

We have a policy to become better and better in every way.

Sky smart interiors offers thousands of designs options to choose from. We share 3-D designs and make your dream close to reality. All your ideas can be concretized in the design stage itself and then we proceed with streamlined execution.

Sky smart interiors gives regular pictorial updates of the work in progress. Busy clients get the feel of monitoring the interior work right from the comfort of their current location. Enjoy hassle free interior execution with us.

A stitch in time saves nine ! of course we understand the need to act in time. We provide great workers who are well mannered and are ready to execute their part of work without disturbing the clients.

Enjoy beautiful interior spaces with a Home Garden. Home gardens are great mood enhancers and plush greenery brings good oxygen for breathing. Terrace gardening, vertical gardening, kitchen gardening – you name it , we will do it.

We offer highly customised netlon solutions. Rignt from a simple welcro netlon to exclusive netlon sliding doors we offer several solutions based on your needs. 

A great finish and poor quality accessories can definitely take a toll on the entire lush decor that one may be planning to have. Accessories can be the most effective space savers or vice versa if selected  wrongly. One has to be very meticulous in planning the space by asking certain important queries to the client before deciding upon accessories. We take the onus of making a well informed decision for the clients with their consent. 


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